Pinoy Express: Philippine Remittance Money Transfer - Faster Than Ever

Fast, Reliable, and Hassle-Free Remittance Service to the Philippines

Licensed, registered, and bonded operations in many countries

Strict compliance with licensing rules, anti-money-laundering laws. Check our worldwide offices.

Full range of Remittance Services

Our services are made for you and your loveone's convenience.
  • Door-to-door cash delivery
  • Bank Deposits
  • Pick Up
  • Cash Cards
  • Tele-remittance (via cell phone)
  • Payment Service
  • Remittance to many countries
Full refund guaranteed. Where delivery attempts have been made, only the amount remitted shall be refunded. Where no attempt was made the full amount, including the service charge, shall be refunded.

Remittance Made Easy

  • Convenient modes of payment:
    • Bank deposit, to include e-banking
    • Postal Money Order
    • Salary Checks (where accepted)
    • Zahlschein Payment Slips (in Europe)
    • Pick-ups , where authorized, can also be arranged.
  • Latest information technology for the transfer of information:
    • Fax
    • Email
    • SMS (text)
  • Computerized systems and procedures:
    • Transactions done in minutes, no need to line up or fill out (again) forms.
    • Fast response to inquiries and complaints.
    • Scanned copies of delivery receipts and deposit slips, as requested.

Competitive Charges and Rates

Find out for yourself the cheapest remittance package - always 'canvas' before remitting your hard earned money. Check our services charges for more information about our charges.

A Personal Commitment

  • Having been overseas workers ourselves, we know exactly how critical the service is to the worker and his family.
  • We are personally committed to making this service responsive and hassle-free.
  • Only the best for the OFW!

An Invitation

Filipinos are now found in every corner of the world. They have left behind home and family to earn a living overseas. To Filipino workers, remittance is a critical service. Whoever responds to this critical requirement, with the highest standards of service, will not only win their hearts, but also their continuing business.
Companies or agencies that are already in the reamittance business and wish to expand their operations to the Filipino market, or just want to compare our services with their service providers, get in touch. We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with others.

News & Updates

16 July 2005
Pinoy Express now offers Pickup at Banco De Oro (BDO), SM, and One Network Bank (ONB).

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24 September 2004
Introducing the Pinoy Express - Banco De Oro Cash Card...

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09 September 2004
Equitable-PCI bank transaction is now 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

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07 September 2004
Pinoy Express now delivers in Cagayan, Isabela, Qurino, and Nueva Viscaya...

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