Pinoy Express: Philippine Remittance Money Transfer - Faster Than Ever

Company History

Almost a lifetime ago, we, too, were overseas contract workers, in Saudi Arabia. Remittance then was a service unknown to many banks; if we could not send money through a friend going on vacation, our families had to wait for months to claim our remittances from correspondent banks. Surely, there must be a faster, cheaper, and more secure way to remit our funds; why work overseas when we could not readily remit earnings to our loved ones? Pinoy Express was established to respond to the pressing need of the worker (to include ourselves), to remit funds back home. After so many years, and having expanded into many countries, the worker-customer is still central to our philosophy: Pinoy Express exists to service the remittance requirements of the overseas worker.

Philippine Offices (in bold)

Map of the Philippines
When we started, remittance was largely a door-to-door delivery service: equivalent peso funds were delivered to Beneficiaries, at addresses, specified by Senders. Remittance information was relayed via telex, then fax. To speed up processing, and delivery, of transactions, Pinoy Express computerized its operations, transmittal of remittance information was also done via electronic mail. (Remember PC Mail?). With full computerization, and available peso funds, next-day-delivery became the standard of delivery services, especially for Metro Manila. We then opened provincial delivery offices, to better serve provincial addresses and widen the coverage of pick-up services; today we have offices in Laoag, Dagupan, Tarlac, Angeles, Santiago, Paranaque, Lipa, Legaspi, Iloilo, and Cebu. Having our own delivery network meant faster deliveries, and more flexibility and control over delivery operations.

As bank services improved, we also enlarged the scope of our own bank services. Dealing directly with almost all banks, Pinoy Express now offers the full range of bank deposit services, to include Postal Money Orders. Banks were just starting 'remittance' services; deposits then were done over-the-counter and by telegraphic transfer. Banks since then have embraced the latest technologies and are now offering online and ATM services.

Aside from financial support of loved ones, workers also require payment services. Pinoy Express undertakes the payment of all types of bills, on behalf of the absent worker: insurance, pre-need plans, mortgages (house and lot payments), loans, utility bills, Social Security, etc. The Sender is assured that the amount due is paid in full, with an Official Receipt evidencing payment.

Smart Padala
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Today, the latest innovation is tele-remittance, e.g. the use of the cell phone to transmit and confirm remittance information and payment. Pinoy Express has incorporated this SMS service and now offers it to customers.
While Pinoy Express has remained basically a door-to-door company, it is highly flexible in its operations. It has adopted a whole range of services, systems, and technologies, even those developed by others, to offer only the best to the customer-worker: hassle-free, fast, and secure Remittance Services.
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