Pinoy Express: Philippine Remittance Money Transfer - Faster Than Ever

Door to Door Delivery

Funds are delivered directly into the Receiver's hands, right at her home, or at the address specified (office, school, etc).

If speed of remittance starts from the time the money is sent be the Sender, until it is actually in the Receiver's hands, then door-to-door delivery may by the fastest mode of delivery. Admittedly, bank deposits and pick-ups, are fast in the transmission of remittance information and making funds 'available', but the Receiver has to make the trip to the bank or to the pick-up point, before she has the funds in-hand. The actual "trip" may take a few days.

Receiving funds at home is the 'safest' for the Receiver; she does not have to leave the safety of her home to withdraw or pick-up funds. (We assume all risks for the delivery, until the money is safely in the Receiver's hands at home.)

Door-to-Door delivery is most practical and convenient for aged parents, or beneficiaries, who may find difficulty leaving home just to withdraw, or pick-up, funds.

Pinoy Express can also deliver remittances in US Dollars, for Receivers who will be traveling abroad, or need to pay financial obligations denominated in USD, like airline ticket payments. Read more advantages of Door-to-Door Delivery »

Pick-up Service

This service is not 'new'; as mentioned; it goes hand-in-hand with door-to-door delivery.

Where a Receiver is within 'commuting distance' of a delivery office, the Sender can specify or arrange a pick-up of the remittance: the Receiver and the delivery office arrange the time and place of pick-up. The arranged pick-up is safer for both Receiver and the delivery office, since only the Receiver and the deliveryman know the exact place and time of the pick-up. (Pick-ups at fixed offices, which can be watched easily by others, may be risky for both the Receiver, and the office.) Pick-up times can be arranged at mutually convenient hours (not necessarily office hours).

Pinoy Express also offers online cash pick-up at all Banco de Oro Branches, Shoemart (SM) stores, and One Network Bank Branches. The Receiver of the remittance can go to any BDO Branch, SM stores, or ONB branch to pick-up their remittance. See News on BDO, SM, and ONB pick-up for more details.

Bank Deposit

  • Same or next day credit to all online bank accounts.
  • Direct deposit to: rural banks or single-branch banks located within door-to-door delivery areas.
  • US Dollar deposits also available (to include credit card payments).
  • No deductions (unless specified to the Sender) from the amount sent.
List of Philippine Banks · Bank Deposit Service Standards

Cash Card

Co-branded Cash Card with Banco de Oro :
Banco De Oro Cash Card
  • Online credit (ma withdraw agad!)
  • Withdraw at the following ATM Networks:
    • Expressnet
      • Banco De Oro
      • BPI
      • HSBC
      • Land Bank
    • Megalink
      • Development Bank of the Philippines
      • PNB
      • United Coco Bank
      • Union Bank
      • and others
    • Smart Teller
  • Use as a shopping/debit card at Shoemart, Watsons, Ace Hardware, and others. Kung saan tanggapin - electronic payment system (EPS).
  • Pay utility bills
  • Confirm credit of remittance, or balance, with your cell phone. Go to the ATM/Bank only upon confirmation (no need to leave home and swipe your card to know remittance has been credited)
  • Cell phone functions available: load own/other cell phones, transfer funds, etc.

Payment Services

Pay your bills, as if you were there! Hwag mag-alala. Ipabayad mo - Sa Pinoy Express!

In the course of our lives, we pay so many bills, that we take it for granted. When a Filipino worker is deployed overseas, the payment of bills and 'obligations' becomes a problem. True enough, a family member, or a relative can be requested to do the 'chore', but more often than not, problems arise: full payment is not made (there are deductions for 'expenses'); official receipts are not obtained or are mislaid, etc. There is no 'pakiusap' or 'utang na loob'. The Payment Service of Pinoy Express is a paid and professional service.

Payments Include:
  • Loans (with banks or agencies) including payment for credit cards
  • Insurance and Pre-need plans
  • Utility bills (electricity, water, telephone, etc)
  • School fees, to include International Correspondence School
  • Hospitals and Mortuaries
  • SSS and Pag-IBIG
  • Almost and payment or requirement

Pinoy Express pays all bills/obligations on time, in full, with official receipts, strictly in compliance with Sender's instructions. The Sender is assured that the 'payment chore' is undertaken to his full satisfaction, as if he undertook the chore himself, had he been personally present.


Remittance at your fingertips - just a text away!
Smart Padala
Globe G-Cash

The latest remittance product is tele-remittance: the use of the cell phone (SMS) to transfer remittance information, and confirm transactions. Globe and Smart, Philippine telecommunications companies, are the leaders in this field. Remittance transactions are collected by authorized collecting offices; information is transferred by computer software and/or SMS, withdrawals and pick-ups are done at Cash Centers, or ATMs (where cash cards are also provided).

Pinoy Express is an accredited agent of both Smart and Globe.

Cash-a-Lubong Service

An OFW, or even a tourist going to the Philippines, can avail of this service to have Peso cash delivered upon his/her arrival at the airport. This service is only available at Manila NAIA Terminal 1 or 2. Remit as usual, give your flight details; a deliveryman will meet you on your arrival, and deliver your remittance. There is no rush to change your foreign currency, either before departing for, or upon arriving in, Manila.

Special Requests

Almost any 'reasonable and doable' request can be considered, for example:
  • Flowers for the sick, to be delivered together with the remittance.
  • Wreaths with condolence notes or cards.
  • Food (in small deliverable packages) for birth days or other special occasions.
  • Greeting Cards
  • Telegrams (especially for provincial customers, who do not have cell phones or land lines)

Remittance to Other Countries

Receive funds from your husband in Saudi Arabia!
Send money to your sister in Saipan!
Mabilis na, murang-mura pa!

The Filipino is found all over the world. There are occasions when he needs to send or receive remittances to or from other countries.

Xpress Money

Pinoy Express had tied-up with Xpress Money XPM), an international money transfer agency. This tie-up enables Pinoy Express to send and receive funds to/from almost any country in the world. The service is online, i.e. funds are paid out in the pay-out office, minutes after the funds are remitted in the pay-in office.

Areas covered by XPM are:
  • The Middle East : Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Oman, Egypt, etc
  • Europe : UK, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Russia, etc
  • The Indian sub-continent : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka
  • Asia : Hong Kong, Saipan, Singapore, and Palau
  • Parts of the USA and Canada

Through its tie-up with Prima Express, Pinoy Express can also collect remittances for deposit to Indonesian Banks. List of Indonesian Banks »

Marketing Representative

Bring your message to those markets with the buying power!

Many companies are now bringing their marketing campaigns to overseas Filipinos. While actual selling may not be in the scope of a remittance license, marketing, in the sense of disseminating information, distribution of flyers/posters, or similar materials, are well within the scope of a registered company. A Philippine company can reach the overseas Filipino markets in many countries by appointing Pinoy Express as its marketing representative.

'Collection' is within the scope and authority of the remittance licenses of Pinoy Express. Entrust your collections only with a licensed collection (remittance) company.

Special Discounts

Groups and associations (whether secular or religious) enjoy special discounts!

We are appreciative of the 'group business'; at the same time, we contribute a little something to the group's projects. Remitting by groups becomes very convenient for members - just sign up and confirm the amount! Remittance information is maintained in our database, there is no need to fill out( again) a form, unless the Sender amends or alters the remittance information, e.g. new Receiver, new address, new account number, etc.

Sorry - No Loans…

We are a Remittance Company and we can only undertake the service if funds were actually paid - in cash, by confirmed bank deposits, or other acceptable financial instruments. Sorry, we do not 'lend' or 'advance' money. We do not accept 'payments in kind' or 'collaterals' for payment.

Pinoy Express and Associates

Always check out our 'business network'
We cooperate with shops, traders, and agencies. avail of discounts and special offers for:
  • Philippine Products
  • Cargo Services
  • Photographic Services
  • Food (and bar) Outlets
  • Telecommunications services (Cards, usage discounts)
  • And Many More
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